Endoscopy refers to any procedure undertaken to examine the inside of the body with an instrument called an endoscope. For example, endoscopy of the stomach is termed ‘gastroscopy’ and endoscopy of the large bowel (colon) is termed ‘colonoscopy’.

What is Ultraslim & Transnasal Endoscopy?
This is a relatively new procedure which involves the use of a long, thin, flexible tube which has a light source and camera at the end which is inserted into the body. It is termed ‘ultraslim’ as it is a much slimmer endoscope compared with a conventional endoscope and still allows most procedures such as biopsies to be performed.


Potential Advantages with Ultraslim & Transnasal Endoscopy
Most people who have had conventional endoscopy and transnasal endoscopy with an ultraslim endoscope prefer the transnasal route. Some people find it quicker and less uncomfortable (less gagging). In some cases, it can also be performed with the patient sitting upright. There is no difference in effectiveness or safety between conventional and ultraslim endoscopy.

Dr Goel has extensive experience in ultraslim endoscopy and has performed over 1000 procedures. If you are interested in ultraslimtransnasal endoscopy, you can book a consultation with Dr Goel to discuss investigation and treatment options best suited to you.