The consultation and care I have received has been very good. I feel like I have a better understanding of my treatment and Dr Goel has been explaining step by step what will be happening with my treatment etc

After one consultation I found Dr Goel to be excellent very professional, very easy to talk to, listened to everything I had to say, explained fully the next procedures. I have every confidence in him.

I have received excellent care from Dr Goel

Very caring and knowledgeable and pleasant

Dr Rishi Goel is excellent, takes his time and is very thorough. I had my colonoscopy and endoscopy with Dr Goel. The entire process was seamless. He is super caring and reassuring, always explains everything in detail and makes sure that I understand. I highly recommend Dr Rishi Goel.

A most pleasant knowledgeable clinician. Will explain issues in plain (non-medical ) language. Arranged follow up checks promptly, received answers all within a week of the first consultation.

Very good service and willing to accommodate my schedule.

Dr Goel made me feel at ease and was very thorough listening to my symptoms. He has promptly arranged for me to under go several test to establish what may be wrong with me.

Thoughtful, very approachable and human. Advice was considered, up-to-date, and excellent transparency about the evidence base. Performed endoscopy quickly and with minimum discomfort and stress. I will require another endoscopy in 2-3 years time and I will certainly elect to have Dr Goel as my consultant.

Dr Goel is very pleasant and a very helpful colleague. He is an excellent team leader and caring person for his patients